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Why I started My Own Design Agency

August 15, 2017


After working for a while under other companies I decided to venture out and do something 'uniquely me.' I couldn't stand the attitude other agencies had concerning their clients, the way they talked about them and complained about them all the time!


They also had a strange idea that the design wasn't supposed to pop. That thin and bland designs were the way to go. I'd say 80% of the time I was told "Make it look like this other design." There was no freedom or creativity allowed. It was supposed to look like something else another agency put out. They also made jokes about how little money their clients had for advertising campaigns and said "There's nothing we can do with that little money."


I've actually worked for companies that got angry with me for hand drawing all my designs! They'd tell me I was wasting company time and should just use Google's clip art!

One time, after completing a clients logo design, I went in to delete the other options the client didn't go with and I was told not to delete them so they could be used for future clients. To me, a logo is a defining mark, the absolute reflection of the company it was made for! So how can it just be used for anybody that comes along? As far as I'm concerned, that's not branding.


I decided that I'd had enough. I started my own design company and called it Forge Media to represent forging a new path, taking raw materials to the 'creative forge' (so to speak) and creating something that perfectly blends function with fashion. I wanted to go big and bold and make my clients stand out from the rest.


Luckily, many businesses in the area were tired of lazy marketing and sloppy design too. Forge Media has taken off faster than I ever imagined and I can't wait to see where we go from here! 




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